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What is a Mediation Problem?

Each international commercial dispute case study (Mediation Problem  or Problem) consists of both General and Confidential Information.
General Information contains the background factual information of the Problem while the Confidential Information presents more detailed information for the exclusive use of a Party.
The General Information will be disclosed to all participants in late autumn 2016 after the application period and selection of all Teams by the Organizing Committee.
For each round, Teams are assigned by the Organizing Committee to either present the Requesting Party or Responding Party (role). Depending on their role, Teams receive Confidential Information in addition to the General Information to prepare for their Mediation Session.
The Confidential Information will differ depending on whether the Team is acting as the Requesting Party or the Responding Party.
The Confidential Information for the Preliminary Rounds is provided to each Team by the Organizing Committee prior to the Competition and is for the exclusive use of that Team only. Confidential Information is not to be communicated by the members of one Team to any other Team.
Confidential Information and assignment of roles for the Final Rounds will be provided at the end of the Preliminary Rounds, Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals.
Sharing the Confidential Information with other Teams leads to an immediate disqualification of the Competition.

What is a Mediation Session?

“Mediation Session” means the timeframe of 150 minutes (Preliminary Rounds) or 135 minutes (Final Rounds) which include the actual mediation (85 minutes).

During each mediation one Competition Problem will be addressed. Two Competing Teams participate in each Mediation Session.
One assigned professional will act as the Mediator while two additional professionals will be judging the Teams’ performance. The number of Judges will increase to three in the Quarter-Final and Semi-Final Rounds and to five for the Final.
The Competing Teams will sit together with the Mediator and the Judges at one table. No one else is allowed to interact with the Competing Teams while the Mediation Session is ongoing.

What is the Competition?

The Competition is the first ICC mediation Competition organized by the ICC HK. It is the first ICC Mediation competition to be held in Hong Kong and is an international moot dedicated exclusively to international commercial mediation and gathers Teams from business and law schools, as well as internationally renowned mediators and professionals from around the world.
The Inaugural Competition will take place from Friday 27th April until Monday 30th April 2018.
The entire event lasts six full days.
Day 1:                    Registration, preparatory training sessions, first round of Preliminary sessions and the welcome cocktail;
Day 2:                    2nd and 3rd Preliminary Rounds along with social events;
Day 3:                    Quarter-Final Round and Semi-Final Round take place;
Day 4:                    Final followed by award ceremony and closing cocktail.
During the Competition, participants apply ICC’s Amicable Dispute Resolution (ADR) Rules aiming to settle commercial dispute scenarios that have been exclusively drafted by a special Drafting Working Group of international mediation experts. These Problems are submitted beforehand to the Teams for their preparation. Each Team also has to prepare a written analysis of the Problems, the so-called Mediation Plan.
The Organizing Committee arranges a special training session where professionals share their experience, insight and best practices with their fellow colleagues and students. Further to the training, the Competition is complemented by a range of social activities that provide a platform for participants to network and exchange experiences.

Where does the Competition take place?

The Competition takes place in Hong Kong Central Business District in International Law firms and Justice Place.

The details about the venues for the 1st Competition will be available on the Competition website in due course.

Who can apply to the Competition?

Universities including business and law schools from all around the world are invited to apply to participate in the Competition.

Trained and experienced Mediators from around the globe are invited to participate as volunteer Mediators and Judges in the Competition.

Volunteers are invited to apply to participate in the Competition as Mediation Session Supervisors and help with upcoming tasks during the event. If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer for the 2018 Competition, please send your application including your CV, a cover letter as well as the names of at least two referees to Alix Povey at info@iccmediationcomp.hk and indicate your availabilities.

Can one observe the Competition?

Due to space restrictions, additional guests are not permitted to attend the Competition. Additional participants can only be permitted to attend the Competition after receiving prior invitation from the Organizing Committee. Additional guests from participating universities are prohibited to attend the Competition.
Guests who have been permitted to observe the Competition by the Organizing Committee have to pay a participation fee (HK$2,000) prior to attending the Competition. The fee includes observation of the Mediation Sessions, if spaces are available, as well as entry to the welcome, middle and final cocktail and to diverse training sessions.
All observing participants need to register for all social events before the Competition

Who is the Organizing Committee?

The Organizing Committee is the official ICC HK group in charge of managing the Competition. In case of questions or concerns, you can directly contact them at: info@iccmediationcomp.hk
During the Competition, the Organizing Committee is supported by numerous Volunteers without whom the event would not be possible.
The Organizing Committee can impose penalties and/or disqualifications if it considers that a Team or one of its members has violated the 2018 Competition Rules.

What is the official language of the Competition?

The official language of the Competition is English.