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What is the Registration deadline?

The deadline for team registration is 16th October, 2020.

Do the universities get a certificate of participation?

Yes, the Organizing Committee will issue each Team member a formal certificate of participation. It will be handed out during the Final.

How can a Team sign up for trainings?

Once a Team is accepted by the Organizing Committee to participate in the Competition, each Team will be provided with all necessary registration information.

Are there trainings for participating universities?

Yes, there will be training online for Team members. The times and log-in details will be published on the Competition website closer to the time of the Competition.

Can universities have sponsors?

Yes, Teams are permitted to approach sponsors for their participation in the Competition. The sponsor logos can be displayed in the Competition brochure next to the Team’s representation, upon request of the team.
The sponsors’ logo can only be added in the Competition brochure if the Teams submit it to the Organizing Committee at the earliest opportunity. Please contact the organizing committee for further details. 


What to bring to a Mediation Session?

Each Team shall submit by email to the Competition iccmediationcomphk@gmail.com [] hours before the scheduled session a printed biography of each Team member, indicating nationality and native language. Team members can also bring:

  • A pen and paper;
  • Something to drink, such as a bottle of water;
  • A calculator;
  • A watch or equivalent (stopwatch, timer, etc.) 

Save for a computer by which the competitors log into the online hearing room use of any other electronic devices, such as mobile phones of any type or any other electronic devices, such as tablets, laptops, etc. and in particular any artefact capable of recording information is not permitted in the online room where the Mediation Session takes place. Photographing during the Mediation is also forbidden.

How many Team members compete in one Mediation Session?

Only two students of each Team are actively involved in each Mediation Session.

How many Mediation Sessions a Team will attend?

Each Team is challenged with a number of commercial mediation problems, which are dealt in separate Mediation Sessions during the first one and a half days (the Preliminary Rounds). After these days, depending on the Team’s performance, the Team may enter the Knock-out rounds.


Can a non-university coach be provided?

The Organizing Committee may be able to find a coach from your city or region who will be willing to assist your team. You must make this preference clear in your team’s application. However, the Organizing Committee cannot guarantee any coaching support.

Does every Team have to have a coach?

No, each Team may be accompanied by one or two coaches but are not so required.


What is the role of the coach?

Each Team can be accompanied (online) by a maximum of two coaches. The coach can be a professor, a lecturer, a co-student or somebody else. Students who have previously participated in ICC-HK mediation competitions are also permitted to attend as coaches. The coach(es) may advise the Team in its planning and preparation for the Competition.

What is a Team’s contact person?

Each university Team will be required to nominate a contact person who will communicate regularly with the Organizing Committee, receive updates and respond to requests for information.
This person needs to provide an email address and contact details.  For example, such a contact person may be a member of the Team or the coach.

How does the Team need to be composed?

Teams are composed of a minimum of two and a maximum of four students and one/ two coach(es).
During the Mediation Sessions, one Team member takes on the role of Counsel and one Team member takes on the role of Client.
Two universities can jointly bring one team to the Competition.

How can a university apply to the Competition?

The application will open shortly until 19 October 2020.
All universities who wish to submit a Team to the Competition must submit an application form by email to iccmediationcomphk@gmail.com.
The registration fee per Team is HK$2,000 per team an early-bird cut-off of Close of Business 28 September 2020 (confirmed with payment), and HK$3,000 per team thereafter.
Full payment of the registration fee shortly prior to the event is mandatory before final acceptance by the Organizing Committee. Teams which do not proceed with the payment of the registration fee within the timeline granted by the Organizing Committee will not be admitted to the Competition.
By applying for the Competition through the online application process, the university agrees to pay the registration fee in case it is selected to participate in the Competition by the Organizing Committee.
Once selected, the Teams will be contacted by the Organizing Committee with further information about their participation (registering online, paying the registration fee, indicating the Team composition, etc.).
Universities may use their own internal selection process to choose their Team members, within the limits imposed by the Eligibility criteria, according to the 2019-2020 Competition Rules. The composition of the Teams is subject to final approval by the Organizing Committee, who will verify that the eligibility criteria are respected.

Who can participate?

Students from any university can participate in the Competition. In order to enable as many eligible Students as possible to participate in the Competition, each student is entitled to participate in the Competition only once. Teams cannot include students who have already participated in the Competition.
For the exact eligibility criteria, please see the Competition Rules.