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Selected Category: Professionals

What should you bring to a Mediation Session?

Each professional shall bring:

- General Information of the Problems;
- Confidential Information (This only applies for Judges. Please make sure this is not accessible by anyone but you); 

The Score Sheets for the Judges and the Competition Rules will be available in each room.

What does a professional need to submit before the Competition?

Each professional needs to submit:

- Availabilities for the Mediation Sessions;
- Registration for social events;
- Registration for guests (if any);
- Statement of independence;
- Short written biography and picture to be published in the Competition brochure 

All information will be requested by the Organizing Committee once the professional is accepted. Only a rough indication of the availabilities needs to be shared during the online application.


How can a Mediator or Judge apply for the Competition?

The application process will open shortly until 19 October 2020, and is available through the Competition website.


How can a professional sign up for social events?

We look forward to your participation at the Opening event on the 11 November 2020.


Is there preparation training for participating professionals?

Yes, there will be online training for professionals. All professionals are encouraged to attend and share best practices and tips with both new and experienced participating professionals.

All Professionals must attend a mandatory training session on the afternoon of Wednesday 11 November 2020 which will be held on line – details to be provided. 


When are the individual schedules provided?

Each accepted professional will receive an individual schedule, including all applicable Mediation Sessions and locations, prior to the Competition after the application process has been closed.

What are reserved slots?

In order to provide a smooth Competition for all participants, some additional professionals shall be scheduled as “Reserve Judges or Mediators” for each Mediation Session. This means that they shall be asked to be ‘on call’ in the event that an assigned professional is unable to attend a specific Mediation Session during the Competition.
Professionals who are scheduled as Reserve Judges or Mediators are asked to be reachable by mobile and able to log in to the Competition 15 minutes before the starting time for each session. The Organizing Committee shall notify all Reserve professionals whether they will be required to attend a particular Mediation Session as soon as all participants are present.

How many days should one be available?

Highly motivated students from all around the world participate to learn from you. Due to your generous contribution of time and analysis, students are able to learn from your insight, your vast experience, and by doing so they gain a better understanding of mediation and improve their own advocacy skills. Your investment in the profession, your love is equal to the guidance and inspiration you give to the next generation of dispute resolution professionals.
It is for these reasons that the Organizing Committee would very much appreciate the professionals being available to participate for as much time as possible during the Competition.


What are the availabilities during the Competition?

Availabilities are days which professionals reserve for the Competition. The availabilities need to be indicated during the application process.
Based on indicated availabilities, preferences and the decision of the Organizing Committee, an individual schedule, including all applicable Mediation Sessions and locations, shall be provided after the application period is closed and selections have been made.


Who can participate as a professional?

Trained Mediators from all around the world are invited to participate as volunteers in the Competition. The Competition offers a unique platform to share knowledge, experience and insight with the next generation of dispute resolution professionals.
The Organizing Committee will select professionals who are trained mediators and have experience in conducting commercial mediations.