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Please make sure you are aware of the visa regulations from your country.
If a visa is required, ICC – Hong Kong can assist by writing an invitation letter for participants accepted by the Organizing Committee, only once the registration fee has been paid. Please note that ICC - Hong Kong cannot obtain visas on behalf of Teams. Each Team will be directly responsible for securing their visas.
The following information must be submitted to the Organizing Committee with the request for an Invitation Letter:
- Address of the Consulate or Embassy to which the request is directed (usually in the state or country where your university or you are located);
- Full Names of Team members as they appear in their passports;
- Passport numbers;
- Dates of birth;
- Dates of issue of passport;
- Dates of expiry of passport;
- Nationalities of Team members as they appear in their Passports



ICC - Hong Kong  is regrettably not in a position to cover any travel and accommodation costs for Teams or professionals. However, all participants are provided with an accommodation list, including preferential rates for Competition participants.
You shall receive the accommodation list once being accepted by the Organizing Committee. When booking, please mention that you would like to benefit from the ICC - Hong Kong preferential rates.