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What is the Competition?

The ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition – Hong Kong (The Competition) is an annual mediation competition organized by International Chamber of Commerce (“ICC”) – Hong Kong. It is the region’s only competition dedicated exclusively to international commercial mediation and gathers Teams from business and law schools, as well as internationally renowned mediators and professionals from around the world.
The second Competition will take place from Sunday, 15th December 2019 until Thursday, 19th December 2019.
The entire event lasts five full days, with some auxiliary events taking place on the first day and during some evenings. During the Competition, participants apply ICC’s Amicable Dispute Resolution (ADR) Rules aiming to settle commercial dispute scenarios that have been exclusively drafted by a special Drafting Working Group of international mediation experts. These Problems are submitted beforehand to the Teams for their preparation. Each Team also has to prepare a brief written analysis of the Problems, the so-called Mediation Plan.
During the Competition, the Organizing Committee arranges special trainings where professionals share their experience, insight and best practices with their fellow colleagues and students.

Where does the Competition take place?

The Competition takes place in Hong Kong, primary within the Central district.

Details about the venues for the Competition will be available on the Competition website in due course.  

What is the official language of the Competition?

The official language of the Competition is English.

Who can apply to the Competition?

University Teams including business and law schools from local & regional universities, together with counterparts along the Belt & Road and beyond, are invited to participate.
Trained and experienced Mediators from around the globe are invited to participate as volunteer Mediators, Judges, Coaches in the Competition, and/or Competition case authors.
Helpers are invited to apply to participate in the Competition as Mediation Session Supervisors or assistants and help with upcoming tasks during the event. If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer for the 2019 Competition, please send your application including your CV and a cover letter to the Organizing Committee at: iccmediationcomphk@gmail.com, and indicate your availabilities.

What is a Mediation Session?

“Mediation Session” means the timeframe of 150 minutes (Preliminary Rounds) or 135 minutes (Final Rounds) which include the actual mediation (85 minutes).

During each mediation one Competition Problem will be addressed. Two Competing Teams participate in each Mediation Session.

One assigned professional will act as the Mediator while two additional professionals will be judging the Teams’ performance. The number of Judges will increase to three in the Quarter-Final and Semi-Final Rounds and to five for the Final.
The Competing Teams will sit together with the Mediator and the Judges at one table. No one else is allowed to interact with the Competing Teams while the Mediation Session is ongoing.

What is a Mediation Problem?

Each international commercial dispute case study (Mediation Problem or Problem) consists of both General and Confidential Information.
General Information contains the background factual information of the Problem while the Confidential Information presents more detailed information for the exclusive use of a Party.
The General Information will be disclosed to all participants prior to the Competition after the application period and selection of all Teams by the Organizing Committee.
For each round, Teams are assigned by the Organizing Committee to either present the Requesting Party or Responding Party (role). Depending on their role, Teams receive Confidential Information in addition to the General Information to prepare for their Mediation Session.
The Confidential Information will differ depending on whether the Team is acting as the Requesting Party or the Responding Party.
The Confidential Information for the Preliminary Rounds is provided to each Team by the Organizing Committee prior to the Competition and is for the exclusive use of that Team only. Confidential Information is not to be communicated by the members of one Team to any other Team.

Confidential Information and assignment of roles for the Final Rounds will be provided during the Competition. Sharing the Confidential Information with other Teams leads to an immediate disqualification of the Competition.


Can one observe the Competition?

Due to space restrictions, additional guests are not permitted to attend the Competition. Additional participants can only be permitted to attend the Competition after receiving prior invitation from the Organizing Committee. Additional guests from participating universities are prohibited to attend the Competition.
Guests who have been permitted to observe the Competition by the Organizing Committee have to pay a participation fee (HK$2,000) prior to attending the Competition. The fee includes observation of the Mediation Sessions, if spaces are available, as well as entry to the welcome, middle and final cocktail and to diverse training sessions.
All observing participants need to register for all social events before the Competition.

Who is the Organizing Committee?

The Organizing Committee is the official ICC – Hong Kong group in charge of managing the Competition. In case of questions or concerns, you can contact them at: iccmediationcomphk@gmail.com
During the Competition, the Organizing Committee is supported by numerous Volunteers without whom the event would not be possible.
The Organizing Committee can impose penalties and/or disqualifications if it considers that a Team or one of its members has violated the 2019 Competition Rules.


Where can I find "up to date" information on the Competition?

The most recent information about the Competition will be available on the Competition website: https://www.iccmediationcomp.hk 

Do also refer to our social media pages:


Who can participate?

Students from any university can participate in the Competition. In order to enable as many eligible Students as possible to participate in the Competition, each student is entitled to participate in the Competition only once. Teams cannot include students who have already participated in the Competition.
For the exact eligibility criteria, please see the Competition Rules. 

How can a university apply to the Competition?

The application is open until 31st October 2019.
All universities who wish to submit a Team to the Competition must submit an application form by email to iccmediationcomphk@gmail.com.
The registration fee per Team is calculated with reference to the number of students participating in the Team. Teams composed of two students pay HK$5,000, three students pay HK$6,500, and four students pay HK$8,000.
Full payment of the registration fee shortly prior to the event is mandatory before final acceptance by the Organizing Committee. Teams which do not proceed with the payment of the registration fee within the timeline granted by the Organizing Committee will not be admitted to the Competition.
By applying for the Competition through the online application process, the university agrees to pay the registration fee in case it is selected to participate in the Competition by the Organizing Committee.
Once selected, the Teams will be contacted by the Organizing Committee with further information about their participation (registering online, paying the registration fee, indicating the Team composition, etc.).
Universities may use their own internal selection process to choose their Team members, within the limits imposed by the Eligibility criteria, according to the 2019 Competition Rules. The composition of the Teams is subject to final approval by the Organizing Committee, who will verify that the eligibility criteria are respected.


How does the Team need to be composed?

Teams are composed of a minimum of two and a maximum of four students and one/ two coach(es). Each Team must include at least one law student taking over the role of Counsel in each Mediation Session.
During the Mediation Sessions, one Team member takes on the role of Counsel and one Team member takes on the role of Client.
Two universities can jointly bring one team to the Competition.

What is a Team’s contact person?

Each university Team will be required to nominate a contact person who will communicate regularly with the Organizing Committee, receive updates and respond to requests for information.
This person needs to provide an email address and contact details.
For example, such a contact person may be a member of the Team or the coach.

What is the role of the coach?

Each Team can be accompanied by a maximum of two coaches.

The coach can be a professor, a lecturer, a co-student or somebody else.

Students who have previously participated in ICC-HK mediation competitions are also permitted to attend as coaches.

The coach(es) may advise the Team in its planning and preparation for the Competition.

Does every Team have to have a coach?

No, each Team may be accompanied by one or two coaches but are not so required.

An additional fee of HK$1,500 will be incurred for including a second coach.


​Can a Team invite guests to observe the Competition?

Unfortunately due to space restrictions it may not be possible to invite guests from participating universities to obvserve.

However, upon the request and acceptance by the Orgnaizing committee observers may be permitted athough a fee is applicable in this instance. 

How long do Teams stay in Hong Kong?

The Competition runs five days, from 15th-19th December, but many Teams may choose to arrive earlier and/or stay longer.
Apart from the knowledge and experience gained during the Mediation Sessions of the Preliminary and Final Rounds, the Competition is also a means of sharing intercultural experiences and best practices, networking with other participating students and renowned professionals, and even developing friendships. This also often happens outside Mediation Sessions.
Thus, the Organizing Committee encourages all participants to arrive at least one day prior to the Competition to ensure adequate rest and timely registration. We also recommend that participants stay until the Finals to ensure they get the most out of this unique educational and intercultural experience.


How many Mediation Sessions a Team will attend?

Each Team is challenged with a number of commercial mediation problems, which are dealt in separate Mediation Sessions during the first two days (the Preliminary Rounds).

After these days, depending on the Team’s performance, the Team may enter the Finals.


How many Team members compete in one Mediation Session?

Only two students of each Team are actively involved in each Mediation Session.

What to bring to a Mediation Session?

Each Team shall bring:

- A printed version of their Mediation Plan (4 copies);
-  Printed biographies of each Team member, indicating nationality and native language (4 copies); 

Please note that during the Preliminary Rounds, the Organizing Committee cannot provide printing or copying facilities. Teams must therefore ensure that they have adequate copies of their Mediation Plans and biographies for each Mediation Session for which they are scheduled on a particular day. Team members can also bring:

- A pen and paper;
Something to drink, such as a bottle of water;
A calculator;
- A watch or equivalent (stopwatch, timer, etc.) 

Use of any other electronic devices, such as mobile phones of any type or any other electronic devices, such as tablets, laptops, etc. and in particular any artefact capable of recording information is not permitted in the room where the Mediation Session takes place. Photographing during the Mediation is also forbidden.


Can universities have sponsors?

Yes, Teams have the possibility to approach sponsors for their participation in the Competition. The sponsor logos can be displayed in the Competition brochure next to the Team’s representation, upon request of the team.
The sponsors’ logo can only be added in the Competition brochure if the Teams submit it to the Organizing Committee in plenty of time. Please contact the organising committee for further details. 


Are there trainings for participating universities?

Yes, there will be trainings for Team members. The times and venues will be published on the Competition website closer to the time of the Competition.


How can a Team sign up for trainings?

Once a Team is accepted by the Organizing Committee to participate in the Competition, each Team will be provided with all necessary registration information.

Do the universities get a certificate of participation?

Yes, the Organizing Committee will issue each Team member a formal certificate of participation. It will be handed out during the Final.

Who can participate as a professional?

Trained Mediators from all around the world are invited to participate as volunteers in the Competition. The Competition offers a unique platform to share knowledge, experience and insight with the next generation of dispute resolution professionals.
The Organizing Committee will select professionals who are trained mediators and have substantial experience in conducting commercial mediations.


How can a Mediator, Judge, Case problem author apply for the Competition?

The application process is open until 31st October 2019, and is available through the Competition website.


What are the availabilities during the Competition?

Availabilities are days which professionals reserve for the Competition. The availabilities need to be indicated during the application process.

Based on indicated availabilities, preferences and the decision of the Organizing Committee, an individual schedule, including all applicable Mediation Sessions and locations, shall be provided after the application period is closed and selections have been made.


How many days should one be available?

Highly motivated students come from all around the world to learn from you. Due to your generous contribution of time and analysis, students are able to learn from your insight, your vast experience, and by doing so they gain a better understanding of mediation and improve their own advocacy skills. Your investment in the profession you love is equal to the guidance and inspiration you give to the next generation of dispute resolution professionals.
It is for these reasons that the Organizing Committee would very much appreciate the professionals being available to participate for as much time as possible during the Competition.


What are reserved slots?

In order to provide a smooth Competition for all participants, some additional professionals shall be scheduled as “Reserve Judges or Mediators” for each Mediation Session. This means that they shall be asked to be ‘on call’ in the event that an assigned professional is unable to attend a specific Mediation Session during the Competition.
Professionals who are scheduled as Reserve Judges or Mediators are asked to be reachable by mobile and able to arrive at the location within 10 minutes. The Organizing Committee shall notify all Reserve professionals whether they will be required to attend a particular Mediation Session as soon as all participants are present.


When are the individual schedules provided?

Each accepted professional will receive an individual schedule, including all applicable Mediation Sessions and locations, prior to the Competition after the application process has been closed.

What does a professional need to submit before the Competition?

Each professional needs to submit:

- Availabilities for the Mediation Sessions;
- Registration for social events;
- Registration for guests (if any);
- Statement of independence;
- Short written biography and picture to be published in the Competition brochure 

All information will be requested by the Organizing Committee once the professional is accepted. Only a rough indication of the availabilities needs to be shared during the online application.


Is there preparation training for participating professionals?

Yes, there will be preparation training for professionals. All professionals are encouraged to attend and share best practices and tips with both new and experienced participating professionals.

All Professionals must attend a mandatory training session on the afternoon of Sunday 15th December 2019.


What should you bring to a Mediation Session?

Each professional shall bring:

- General Information of the Problems;
- Confidential Information (This only applies for Judges. Please make sure this is not accessible by anyone but you); 

The Score Sheets for the Judges and the Competition Rules will be available in each room.

How can a professional sign up for social events?

When the Organizing Committee contacts the professional to indicate his or her availabilities for the Mediation Sessions, the professional will also have the opportunity to register for the social events.

Should you wish to bring a guest (for example, your spouse or partner) to one of the social events, please contact us prior to the Competition. We have a limited amount of additional space reserved for additional guests. Unfortunately, we are not able to invite your guest free of charge. A registration fee shall be paid prior to the Competition.


Who can become a sponsor?

ICC – Hong Kong offers different levels of sponsorship, media partnership opportunities and corporate supporter packages for each event separately but also provides for combined-event packages that allow sponsors to maximize their visibility and gains.
All packages will be customized to meet your specific marketing objectives. Partnership agreements will be executed on a first-come, first-served basis.


How to become a sponsor?

Sponsorship opportunities are numerous – ranging from physically hosting Mediation Sessions during the Competition, to sponsoring social events, providing Competition materials and financial contributions.
Please visit the Competition website to read more about sponsorship opportunities or contact iccmediationcomphk@gmail.com.
We would be delighted to discuss our different sponsorship opportunities with you.



ICC - Hong Kong  is regrettably not in a position to cover any travel and accommodation costs for Teams or professionals. However, all participants are provided with an accommodation list, including preferential rates for Competition participants.
You shall receive the accommodation list once being accepted by the Organizing Committee. When booking, please mention that you would like to benefit from the ICC - Hong Kong preferential rates.



Please make sure you are aware of the visa regulations from your country.
If a visa is required, ICC – Hong Kong can assist by writing an invitation letter for participants accepted by the Organizing Committee, only once the registration fee has been paid. Please note that ICC - Hong Kong cannot obtain visas on behalf of Teams. Each Team will be directly responsible for securing their visas.
The following information must be submitted to the Organizing Committee with the request for an Invitation Letter:
- Address of the Consulate or Embassy to which the request is directed (usually in the state or country where your university or you are located);
- Full Names of Team members as they appear in their passports;
- Passport numbers;
- Dates of birth;
- Dates of issue of passport;
- Dates of expiry of passport;
- Nationalities of Team members as they appear in their Passports