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Mediators & Judges Registration

Please complete the form below to register for this year's Competition.

ICC-HK is not able to cover costs for travel and hotel accommodation, meaning each participant is responsible for his or her own expenses. 

However, the Organising Committee will provide participating professionals with a list of hotels with which ICC-HK has agreed on special rates. All professionals are invited to various social events that take place during the Competition.

If you need to take time to fill in this form it is recommended you download a soft copy and email it to us at iccmediationcomphk@gmail.com

If you wish to do so, please click here to download the form. 
Please enter all your nationalities
Please indicate the telephone number you can be joined at before the Competition (including country code).
The number under which you can be reached during the Competition, Including country code for example +33
Please indicate degree and institution
For example Lawyer, Partner at Freshgreen etc.
Please indicate the name of the institution or organization in which you have obtained the qualification and the hours spent in training.
Please indicate the name of the institution or organization in which you have obtained the accreditation.
Please name at least two referees, who can comment on your mediation training, skills, style and experience, including their contact e-mail or phone.
If yes, please specify.
If yes, please specify. For example: Negotiation.
If yes, please specify.
Please also define the hours spent in the mediation(s)
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Please indicate yes or no. If yes, please specify.
If you are a lawyer, please indicate if you are trained in Common or Civil Law.
Please indicate whether you would prefer to act as mediator or judge or both during the Competition. Please note that this indication will be taken into consideration by the Organizing Committee solely as a preference.
For example: Ms. Lotta Müller, Mediator and Lawyer, Austria.
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