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Press Release ICC Mediation Competition - Hong Kong

Press Release ICC Mediation Competition - Hong Kong


On 16 October 2017, Mr JP Lee, SBS, OBE, JP Chairman, International Chamber of Commerce – Hong Kong (“ICC-HK”) and Miss Ada Chen, Commissioner of the Joint Dispute Resolution Strategy Office of the Department of Justice of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, launched the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition – Hong Kong.
The ICC Mediation Competition - Hong Kong will be held in Hong Kong from 12-15 October 2018. Up to 24 teams from universities in Hong Kong, the Asia Pacific Region, and beyond, including countries along the Belt & Road, are expected to compete. The winning team will be funded to compete in the ICC Mediation Competition in Paris in February 2019.  The ICC Mediation Competition is widely recognized as the world’s leading mediation competition for university students bringing 66 teams together in February each year to the International Chamber of Commerce (“ICC”) in Paris.
Mediation of disputes is a growing trend around the world.  Parties are keen on resolving their disputes in a professional and amicable setting. Given that Hong Kong is one of the leading international dispute resolution centres in the world, and its strong mediation profession, it is only appropriate that ICC-HK has decided to bring the ICC Mediation Competition to Hong Kong.
ICC-HK considers that holding the ICC Mediation Competition - Hong Kong will be of significant benefit to Hong Kong, in particular, to the Hong Kong mediation sector and to Hong Kong university students because it will:
further raise Hong Kong’s profile as an international mediation centre;
bring to Hong Kong each year some of the world’s leading mediators giving Hong Kong an opportunity to promote its expertise and innovative laws and practices in this area;
provide an opportunity to Hong Kong university students to participate in a world class competition;
enhance Hong Kong’s relationship with mediation sectors in Asia and the Belt and Road countries; and
involve participation from the countries in the Belt & Road Initiative, benefiting from and contributing to the Initiative. 
ICC-HK intends to hold the ICC Mediation Competition- Hong Kong annually.  It hopes that the Competition will grow and become the premier event in Asia’s dispute resolution/mediation circles that will enhance the skills and experience of the younger generation in mediation.
This Hong Kong competition should also provide opportunities for Hong Kong mediators to engage regularly and share ideas with top professionals from the international mediation community.
To kick start the first ICC Mediation Competition in Hong Kong, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region through the Department of Justice has generously contributed to make this event happen, and has agreed to be a co-organizer of the inaugural Competition.
ICC-Hong Kong looks forward to the participation by Hong Kong and international universities in ICC Mediation Competition- Hong Kong, and to the support of the Hong Kong dispute resolution community, including the mediation community. For further details please refer to Mr. Ronald Sum, Chairperson, ICC Mediation Competition – Hong Kong Steering Committee on +852 3465 0600 or Ms. Kim Rooney, Member, ICC Mediation Competition – Hong Kong Steering Committee on +852 2866 8233, email: info@iccmediationcomp.com.

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